FIDA asks Uhuru to consider seven slots for women in a waited cabinet

The Federation of women lawyers (FIDA) has asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to appoint at least seven women in the newly awaited cabinet saying it will to cater for the two-third gender rule. FIDA says the constitution requires that not more than two-thirds of elected and appointed leaders should be of one gender. In an open letter to the president FIDA chairperson Josephine Wambua Mongare said they are ready to furnish the President with a list of competent and qualified women who fit the profile of cabinet secretaries in any of the available positions.  At the same time Ms. Mongare said the inclusion of more women should also apply in the assignment of any other available State jobs.  Ms. Mongare said the inclusion of women in state jobs will guarantee women’s right to equity and equality and ensure they are included in decision making. She urged President Kenyatta to prioritize women concerns saying they are optimistic the head of state will uphold the spirit and letter of the constitution when forming his next government. Ms. mongare said the organization is one of those anxiously waiting for the announcement of President Kenyatta’s cabinet.