Tanzania’s Catholic Church accuses Magufuli of limiting freedom of expression

Tanzania’s Catholic Church on Sunday accused the government of President John Magufuli of violating democratic norms by limiting freedom of expression.  Denouncing violations of the constitution and national laws, catholic bishops pointed to the temporary shutdown of some media outlets, saying it amounted to “restricting citizens’ right to be informed” and hence freedom of expression.  The episcopal letter warned such a political climate would only foment division and hatred. In recent months, the church has come under fire for its silence in the face of Magufuli’s perceived dictatorial tendencies and particularly over its failure to address the attempted murder of senior opposition lawmaker Tundu Lissu in September.  Lissu was shot at his home in the capital Dodoma and was rushed to the Kenyan capital Nairobi where he was in intensive care for several months before being transferred to a hospital in Brussels.